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Access 97: Report Snapshots

(submitted April 24, 1998)

Access 97, Report Snapshots Description: One of the items I covered last night in the More Access Reports meeting was SNAPSHOTS.  People asked for web site locations and more info.

Attached is a file that describes how Snapshot and the Viewer work. Click here to download Snapshot.doc
Requires the SR-1 version of Access/Office to generate a snapshot. Requires snpvw80.exe to view a snapshot.
Click here to download snpvw80.exe

Reports in Access are nice, you can change colors add graphics.  Lots of neat stuff.  This is great for a printout from the printer - just print it. But how can you email a hard copy printout?

Access provides two means of "publishing" a report to electronic media - Word (RTF format) and XLS.  Unfortunately, if you have used headers and footers in your report the formatting done by the Word document messes this up.  And forget headers and footers when going to XLS. Snapshots are the solution.  Email your report as a Snapshot - no reformatting, no headache, no extra work.  You can now effortlessly email an Access report you create!

Snapshot is similiar to Adobe Acrobat.  Allows reports to be viewed with text, graphics etc.  Unlike Acrobat, you cannot edit the info.

To publish Snapshots you must have Office or Access SR-1 (Service Release #1).

When the report is being viewed go to File, Save AsExport, External File, then under FIle Type (at the bottom of the list) is Snapshot.  Select a file name and location.   THIS IS NOT INTUITIVE (ensure have SR-1).

Like Acrobat, in order for someone to read this file they need a copy of a viewer program, in this case Snapshot Viewer.   (If they have SR-1 I believe they have this capability.  Only people without MS Office SR-1 or Access SR-1 require this additional file to view Snapshots) or
Click here to download snpvw80.exe

So - any reports you send out will need to include this exe - or provide a hyperlink to a web page where they can download it - if you have any doubt that the recipient will have the ability to read this file.

Click here to download Snapshot Reports   

Jaime Richmond

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